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Antonio Carolos Jobim wrote Borzeguim to express his love of the forests, wetlands and ‘mato’ (woods or bush) of Brazil. The original lyrics in Portuguese inspired this video and the indirect translation (some liberties were taken). The photographs are from Brazil’s Pantanal Wetlands, Yasuni National Park, (Amazon headwaters), Ecuador and the Cloud Forest in Ecuador. Photographs are by Stephanie Arnow, Allan Franco and other photographers as credited.


It is important to note that all the areas shown in this video are at risk of being destroyed by global warming, wildfires, oil exploration and extraction, mining, logging and other methods that would ultimately enable land-grabbing.  The native people, animals and birds are at severe risk due to loss of habitat and pollution among various other dangers from encroachment. Ideally the land would be returned to the indigenous peoples, or at least saved for a balanced solution through ecotourism. Some organizations listed here are fighting to protect the land and indigenous peoples throughout South America. Please help support the organization of your choice.


A final note explaining the importance of the “Stop Ecocide” project. Currently the United Nations’ International Court of Justice does not recognize Ecocide (“the complete destruction of an ecosystem due to human activities”) as a crime they are able to try in their courts. “Crimes Against Humanity” are the closest thing, but does not address the harm being done to the Earth, and anything contributing to Global Warming.


STOP ECOCIDE is trying to get the category of “Ecocide” added to the list of crimes the UN will recognize in their courts. This step is essential so 'eco' criminals around the globe can be brought to justice for the crimes on nature and destruction they have endorsed and supported across the globe. In Brazil the Amazon, Atlantic Rainforest and the Pantanal have been sold, burned and turned into cattle pasture. Please support this or any similar cause of your choice!

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