March 26-27


Eagle Skyfire is a powerful Shaman, Seer and Tradition Keeper honed by legacy and experience to become a teacher, reader, spiritual leader, and speaker on native traditions and spirituality.  She is a published author (check out these books!):


Eagle Skyfire integrates an in-depth understanding and dynamic preservation of living traditions through her roles as a ceremonial leader and spiritual teacher. Her decades of experience combined with her strong spiritual abilities make her a highly skilled seer and shamanic healer.


Sonoma County, California

Contact 1nossaterra@gmail.com for address and directions


Nossa Terra was founded to raise awareness and consciousness of the world through photography and direct experience connecting with Earth and Nature

Contact information: 

Email: 1nossaterra@gmail.com

Instagram: 1nossa_terra


The Saturday Workshop and Sunday Retreat pricing are ‘a la carte’– but are being offered at a bundled price of $300 ($40 discount).

Space is very limited, early registration is recommended.

Your spot will be held with a deposit for each session as follows

  • Saturday:  1 ½ hour Workshop (only):  Deposit $25

  • Sunday:    6 hour Retreat (only):  Deposit $50

  • Spaces will be held on a first come first served basis

  • All deposits are non-refundable



10 AM to 12noon PST

Shamanic "Tune-ups" (in person or virtual)

Cost: $30 per session 

Eagle Skyfire offers deeply relaxing 10-minute sessions designed to clear your energy, give you shamanic healing, and energy to help restore personal power.  Restoring your energy grants you calm, peace and assists you in manifesting what you need.    

12:30 PM to 3:00 PM, PST

Traditional Native American Private Readings (in person or virtual)

  • Readings can be done in-person, or by Zoom as you prefer.

  • Please select here the type and length of reading desired when prompted.

  • You are welcome to record your reading (Please have your device fully charged and ready to record when you arrive.)

  • All readings are done in the traditional Native American way as it has been for thousands of years.

  • Every session begins and ends with a blessing. Eagle Skyfire consults with your personal Guardian Spirit and helpers, and hers. According to Native American beliefs, the Great Spirit gives us all life lessons to learn, but how we express them is up to us.

  • These consultations will focus on your Life Lessons, the different Paths ahead of you, and the energy that surrounds you.  With this knowledge, you can empower yourself to make your own best decisions.

The Reading of Earth

This reading focuses on potentially how and when things will occur in your life. It can also look more deeply into an individual person or situation. When you hold the stones, a blessing is given and your energy is imparted upon them. After you allow the stones to fall gently upon the Medicine Wheel, they’re interpreted for patterns, relationship and placement. This type of reading is most helpful when you wish insight as to how to best navigate the coming year, as well as indicating auspicious months within it. With this knowledge, you can empower yourself and make your own best decisions.

The Reading of Spirit

This reading will focus on why things are happening in your life. It looks at karma, life lessons, energy and past lives if indicated. No cards or candles are used, but rather a blessing is performed with a prayer fan to cleanse your aura, and to pierce the veil between this world and the next, which allows Eagle Skyfire to listen specifically to your Spirit Guardians, and hers, to provide insight, clarity, and direction for your life to come.

The Reading of Harmony

The focus of this reading is to create greater harmony so that your life flows more smoothly. Here you will see different aspects of yourself. You will gently cast stones upon the Medicine Wheel and they will indicate which areas are in Balance and which are not. Skyfire will listen to your Guardian Spirit in addition to interpreting the placement of the stones. You will be given detailed information on how to restore harmony where there is discord, and encouragement in those areas where you are already on the right path.

To book your session please click an option below:

55 minutes $180

25 minutes $90

15 minutes $65

Afternoon Workshop - 1.5 Hours (in person only)

3:45 PM– 5:15 PM PST

Cost: $65 – Deposit $25 

Communicating with Your Guardian Spirit and Other Good Spirit Beings

Have you ever desired to be able to communicate more deeply with your Guardian Spirit?

In Eagle Skyfire's workshop she teaches you how to do that and how to properly interact with other sacred spirit beings. Safety, ethics, & discernment are only a few of the areas she will cover. This is an excerpt of her shamanism class series, Journeying Between the Worlds. This workshop is geared to taking you to the "next step" even if it's your first one. 



Cost: $275 - Deposit $50

The morning session and lunch will be at 'Nossa Terra' Santa Rosa, CA

'Nossa Terra' is at the northern end of Sonoma Valley, nestled in the foothills connecting to Andale State Park

The afternoon session will be held on Sonoma Mountain in Jack London State Park

  • Sonoma Mountain has lush oak woodlands, bay laurel groves, (some) redwoods groves, lakes, springs, and wildlife including deer, coyote, foxes, acorn woodpeckers, hawks and many other birds and animals that are part of the oak woodlands ecosystem

  • In the legend of the Coastal Miwok, the world was born from the floor of the ocean, and the highest peak of Sonoma Mountain was the beginning of the world.  (ref: https://sonomamountain.org/book/)

9:30a-10:00a check in – Nossa Terra, Santa Rosa, CA (please contact us for directions)

10:00a-12n Two-hour teaching with Eagle Skyfire

12n-1pm – Lunch (An organic sit-down lunch with vegan options will be included with the cost of the retreat)

1:00p-1:30p Drive to Jack London State Park / Sonoma Mountain (20-minute drive)

1:30p-3:30p Sonoma Mountain / Jack London State Park

               2-hour teaching with activities will be held to deepen your connection with nature

3:30p-4:00p Final blessing / questions if we do this state that the program will be concluding


Everyone will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the Workshop and Retreat.

We will end the Retreat with the final blessing in Jack London State Park


The afternoon Retreat in Jack London State Park has paved and unpaved hiking paths.

Please be sure to wear comfortable walking / hiking shoes and be prepared to walk 2-3 miles uphill (on a paved path). 


We will take every precaution possible per CDC guidelines for your health and safety during the Retreat and Workshop.  We hope to have no unforeseen issues, so we ask all attendees to agree in writing to each of the following points with your registration.:

Due to rapid transmission of Covid-19’s current variants, we ask that all participants acknowledge and provide the following Covid-related documents for Eagle Skyfire’s Sonoma Valley Workshop.

  • Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination (minimum 2 shots, or the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine within the last 6 months).

  • You can email copies to 1nossaterra@gmail.com when you submit your deposit.

  • Please take a Covid test within 48 hours of the first day of your Workshop or Retreat attendance.

  • Please advise Eagle Skyfire or Stephanie immediately if you receive a positive result.

  • If, within 14 days of the workshop, you experience any Covid symptoms (fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing, coughing, or any other COVID-19 or communicable disease symptoms), notify the workshop organizers immediately. (Please note, we will provide a full refund if you have a positive Covid test result.)

Please confirm:

  • All participants will wear a mask indoors (except during meals)

  • I acknowledge that I am willingly participating in a group activity during a global pandemic of Covid-19. I release Eagle Skyfire and Stephanie Arnow of any liability if the virus is detected by any participant in the group before, during or after the workshop/retreat dates.

  • If I start experiencing Covid symptoms during the workshop, I will notify the Workshop/Retreat organizers, and refrain from attending the sessions and will get tested immediately.  

  • Please note, once the workshop or retreat starts, we will not be able to provide any refunds

  • You agree that you and no member of your household have not been diagnosed with or infected by COVID-19 virus within the 14 days prior to the Workshop/Retreat.

Registration / Acknowledgement
of Terms and Conditions


Thank you for submitting!

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